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Thank you Marko, for noticing this thread

The ray(s) in question are in the center on the lower anal fin. ( I tried to get as close up as the camera would allow)
They are doubled over (over-lapping) the existing rays. Like, if I would take a set of nail clippers and trim them off, there would be no gaps. (I wouldn't do this, although my grooming fingers are itchy looking at it) They are symmetrical in their curling on both sides, and no other curly rays.

The second photo shows it springing out. If I removed it, (again, I wouldn't) it would leave no holes in the fin. Maybe better conditions then what he was in might relax it in time? I know he's not a double tail. Maybe someone was a little hung over after Chinese New Year and labeled him wrong at the fish factory.

tekkguy: I can't show him? Oh, Poo.
Guess I gotten return the Jeri Curl Kit.
Because I like the unusual, and besides being a weirdo, I would like to see if this mutation would show up in a spawn. But, it may disappear or something in time, and I got my hands full with a bigger fish to (Giant Betta)

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