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Thank you, I thought he was pretty. I have to say, he is nicer than one of the ones I got from Thailand AB, paid an arm and a leg for, and waited almost 2 months.
I think I have been bit by the betta bug pretty hard.

Lurking in Local Pet Stores Betta Isles...

Bred my Delta Tail, Jazz, and have about 100 fry I am raising for a dry (wet) run to see what mistakes and success I encounter. (so far, so good-they are 9 days old-no casualties)

Neglecting my work...

The fish's hygiene is beginning to rival my own...

Also, I have been lurking on Markos Mustard Gas Thread, and following his babies progress. (His camera rocks!)
I will try to drop him a PM. I haven't seen curlicues before, unless the whole fish had them-like Crowntails.
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