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I'd say go for it. I de-rimmed my 10gallon, but only the top. The tips I followed did both top and bottom, but I pansied out. When I emptied it out and started my 20g long, the partially rimless 10g sat in my garage. After reading a whole bunch of threads on it, I couldn't find anyone that had a bad experience with taking the bottom off too. And I'm pretty sure if somebody had a horror story they would post it and warn others. So a few weeks ago I went out and took the bottom plastic off the 10g just to see what it would be like. The seams weren't very flush, but it didn't look dodgy enough to make me want to tear it apart and re-align/silicone it. So I agree with Hoppy in saying that each tank is unique under the plastic. But yeah, there are a grip of success stories about taking all the plastic off. However, it seems like all those who act like they have a clue as to what they're doing put a piece of foam or something between the tank and the stand, like the ADA garden mat. So I vote go for it, journal the process, and post the success story!
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