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Thanks everyone. If anybody has some constructive criticism I will gladly take it. Although I think I'm probably my own harshest critic. Here are the specs and all:

Tank size: 29 gallons

CO2: pressurized

Reactor: mini-vortex

Lighting: Coralife Aqualight, 130 watts (6500k, 10,000k)

photoperiod: 1 hr@ 65watts, 11 hrs @ 130 watts, 1 hr @ 65 watts

Substrate: plain and coated gravels, laterite, volcanit mixture

Fauna: neon tetras, cardinal tetras, featherfin rainbows, celebese rainbows, brass tetras, endler's livebearers, SAE's, otos, C. pygmaeus, red cherry shrimp, japonica shrimp, snails

flora: A. nana, H. micranthemoides, C. lutea, C. wendtii, H. leucocephala, L. arcuata, L. repens, Sagitarria Subulata, E. stellata, R. indica, A. reinickii, L. aromatica, H. corymbosa, and D. Diandra (I think that's it.... :lol: )

ferts: flourish 3-4x a week, flourish iron 3-4x a week, potassium nitrate weekly at water change if needed, potassium sulfate twice a week, monopotassium phosphate twice a week

water parameters: pH: 7.0, KH 4-5, nitrates: >5 ppm, phosphate about 1.0ppm

Water changes: 50% weekly

Heater: 150 Watt Ti with external LCD

And I think that about covers it all. :lol:

Filtration: Eheim pro II 2026
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