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Originally Posted by Green_Flash View Post
Super awesome! Those panda loaches are amazing! The erio garden is nice, I see they have white areas on the base and leaves, is that normal? I remember I had a Erios pakeri and it turned white on the leaves when the lights came on, I always thought it was dying, but was never really sure.
Same happened with me. And you won't believe what I did. I trout it's getting white due to low kH and I added baking soda to increase the kH. Haha.. Then I asked a few experts and they said its completely normal and healthy. The new growth is whitish.
Originally Posted by nikonD70s View Post
very nice plant list. the panda loaches are nice when they are juvies. but they are pretty ugly when they get into adult stage. wish they would maintain that juvie pattern to adult.
Yeah when I was reading on them, I heard the same thing. But it will take at least 1 year or so.. Will move them somewhere else.

Glad that you all liked my tank
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