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So in the end, I have beaten most of the ick with Kordon Ick attack and then, once the QT was purchased and set up, Appro Quick Cure. but their where casualties. I lost 1 Zebra Danio and 1 Guppy to unknown causes (different tanks, no meds with the guppy) which neither showed signs of ick. A Golden Dojo Loach in the tank with the mysteryously dead Guppy color has paled and skin to seems to have started peeling off! he does not swim well and i am tarting to see blood pooling where it seems the skin has completely peeled through. I am wondering what this could be and what to do about it. I believe I will have to eutonize this Loach, he is so far gone it would be mean to try and medicate him I think but is this contageous? After reading up on different diseases I thing he either has Tuberculosis (which is AWESOME because Ive had my hands in there the past few days) and septicemia. Well its just time to play the waiting game I guess. and ideas?
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