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Updates March 10 '13

Lot of things happened after the last update.
My peacock gudgeons started breeding. So moved them to other tank. Then got some Pseudomugil signifer and they started jumping.dont know why...
Then finally got panda loaches and they are doing good in my tank.
Here are some photos -
Got this as Rotala sunset but people told me that it's Rotala colorata. Don't know what is this. Comments are welcome-

Dreaming Rotala

Tonina are flourishing I'm happy

Never mind the algae though-

Ludwigia tornado. Such a wonderful plant-

And then I got a vintage vernier handle on eBay. The paper says its been made in 1983. It was in its original packing. New... Unused...

My regulator looks cool now

Erio Cinereum is a new addition to my erio list.

Crypt Nurii doing great too

Signifer rainbows are so cool-

And here are panda loach-

The reason why they are called Panda-

Trimmings are getting done frequently now-

And my camera has a new place to be every time

Feels so good when I enter my apartment

And here's my Viva la Vivaria

Enjoying moss like a boss

Dendrobates Auratus "Nicaraguan green and black"

That's all for today. Will try to keep this thread updated.
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