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Thank you for your suggestions! I'm not sure that I could fit a piece of acrylic down there, it's a bit of a tight spot, but I'll look into the toxicity of the two part epoxy.

I came up with a bit of a hacky solution today. I tied a ziplock bag around the pump intake (the pump intake is just some slots around the impeller), with a hose coming out of it going straight into the media compartment, like this:

I'm thinking it might be best if I just get a pump that has a hose going in and a hose going out. My solution is working better for now, but there's still water getting in through the bag, also I don't really like having the pump in a bag, I worry that the plastic might get caught in the impeller.

Does anybody know of a really small submersible pump that has a hose in and a hose out?

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