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I live in the Auburn area and I have a freshwater 10 gallon that's been established for almost 3 months. My java ferns are already multiplying, and I have about 3 TINY ones that will probably be large enough for decoration in a month or so.

I have water wisteria that I can spare as well the next time I trim.

Petco does not have that bad of a selection, if you ignore the tubes. The display tank with goldfish and plants beside the red-eared slider turtle tank. They have a few species of crypts, rock and java moss, and some surface plants. If you go look at the tanks in the back left corner, they have even more plants like java ferns, wisteria, hairgrass, etc...

Petz Unleashed has REALLY cheap snails. They are healthy, don't eat my plants.

No one around here has cherry shrimp. I mail ordered mine online from Shrimp Farm. 10 of them were only $19.99. They all arrived alive and were the Sakura red variety, a very pretty deep red. Males and females, so they'll breed soon.
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