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This is one awesome I finally set the timers where they started to dim. My break in period of running @ 100% is over.

Follow me here and you'll see why this light is amazing........

3pm: Light turns on
5pm: Light starts running @ 35% (this is the max that I have it set for)
5pm - 10pm - Light is running @ 35% still
10pm-11pm - Light starts to shut down to 0%
11pm - OFF

As soon as the light turns on at 3pm it starts to slowly increase in intensity from 1% all the way to 35% by the time it reaches 5pm. This simulates dawn. It's actually kind of cool to watch as it happens.

Right now I'm just playing around with the different possibilities to see how the plants respond. I just find it amazing that you tell the light what % intensity you want at a certain time and it will slowly move up/down to that % in a given assigned time period. When I first purchased this light I thought you would have to program the different % intensities at different times but the light does the calculation on its own. Once TomBarr starts his 60-P, he will hopefully help me out with the par readings as he just picked up the same light for the same tank.

Too lazy to get off the couch but here is a quick iphone shot.

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