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Updates - planted

Switched out the noisy HOB with a Fluval 104. Added a 15W T8 light (one of the purple-y colored) and a double incandescent with one screw in CF daylight bulb. Kind of nervous about adding the other one in with no CO2 going.

I got about 5 gallons of java moss that I temporarily stored in the tank, effectively destroying my RRFs. (kind of sad about that) That's all been moved or given away and I've planted with C wendtii "Mi Oya", C parva, C spiralis, dwarf sag, Subwassertang, and some additional DHG and java fern purchased from French Fry here on the forum.

I'm not super happy with Floramax. It's pretty light and didnt hold the slope well in the back left corner. My planting tongs are kind of big, bulky and rounded though, so it's probably as much at fault as the gravel.

The plants all arrived very healthy and I'm sure I've done them a disservice by aquascaping with my jungle method. The crypts have gone into a minor melt, not bad for crypts really. I've started dosing with Seachem Excel and Flourish. I see a few O2 bubbles on the Sub, so hopefully everything will recover nicely and take off.

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