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Originally Posted by danielt View Post
I must point out also that Otos will prefer GSA and diatoms before BBA. Cleaning the "windshield" will give them a hint that you want them on the plant leaves rather than the glass
I like that quote about cleaning the "wind shield"
This thread is very well written. I got some great pointers from it. Thank you for OP and discussions.
I want to mention, i have two flying fox whom i thought were SAE at first (i was a newbie and the workers at LPS dont know much about them). My tank is loaded with a carpet of dwarf hairgrass... some of them long, others cut short to encourage shoots, but if you have large amounts of even the delicate plants, my foxes dont seem to disturb them. In the beginning they would occasionally uproot one or two roots or so but nothing major. I also find them helpful in cleaning up the substrate from overfeeding. Sometimes my fish are blind and dont see their food sinking. I guess in a way, this helps algae control. Anyways, want to say: thanks JM!
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