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Originally Posted by Markharrislondoncanada View Post
Shouldn't I at least be seeing some pH drop due to the gas injection? I know that the Hagen ladder isn't that efficient, but from what I've read it isn't THAT bad either. I should be seeing something right?
Yes, you should be, given that you are injecting quite a bit of CO2.

However, I think the biggest concern is that your HOB filter (which is also a biowheel type HOB filter) will be creating excessive surface agitation such that any injected CO2 will diffuse quickly out of the water column.

Unless you are intend to buy a new filter, your solutions are somewhat limited.

You can try to raise the water level so that less surface agitation occurs. Removing the biowheel can help as well, but can be detrimental, for obvious reasons.

Originally Posted by Markharrislondoncanada View Post
The pH-KH chart tells me that I hardly have any CO2 at all.
This is not the best way to determine how much CO2 you have in the water column, as this relationship relies on the assumption that two of the three factors are stable (in this case, you are assuming pH and kH are fixed, and that the only species contributing to carbonate hardness is bicarbonate; this is not the case in an aquarium). As such, this relationship cannot be relied upon in this manner.

Instead, using a drop checker with a 4 dkH reference solution is the better way to estimate the amount of CO2 you have. With a 4 dkH reference solution, the only species contributing to carbonate hardness will be the bicarbonate anion, and thus, the pH/kH/CO2 relationship can be used.


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