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Originally Posted by bluestems View Post
I know what I'd do...

Nice deal!!
This is unbelievably superb !
I'd seen this pic before, and it reminded me of another 180 gallon tank that I saw recently - wish I could remember where, & post the pic - it was absolutely breath-taking .... 8 beautiful adult solid red discus in a minimalist planted environment !
Made me gasp with the shockingly dramatic look of it.

That would be my absolute dream tank - not necessarily red or blue discus - but discus nonetheless !
OP, if you ever want to seriously think about it, I'd be more than happy to help you out - step by step, planning it all out - to be succesful, and have a fantastic-looking display tank !
Discus are not hard to keep, especially in that size of tank, and I'm positive you'd love it !
Think about it.
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