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I'd been silently monitoring this thread as I too had an outbreak after uprooting some larger stem plants - I think the stirred up aquasoil was likely the cause. Anyway after trimming impacted plants plants, more frequent water changes, manually removing it and spot treatments with hydrogen peroxide (these all just kept it in check but didn't eliminate it) I finally succumbed to doing a blackout on the tank while I was out of town.

Before leaving did a very large water change, cleaned all the interior glass, filter intake and any large portions on the plants. Then blacked out the entire room for ~2.5 days except for 1/2 hour each day when I had some LEDs come to provide indirect light for the fish during their feeding. Tank appears clean of the stuff, now have to see if it stays that way when I go back to a normal light schedule. Fish and CRS survived, plants look pale but alive, dwarf hairgrass took the worst of it but should recover with time.

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