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Thanks for following the thread and for the advice. Definitely feels good to finally have the kinks worked out!

I found someone on another fish board who basically creates their own decorative "trees" using fallen dead oak tree roots and affixes moss to them. They are seriously amazing looking, so I've asked him for one and am excited to put it in my tank.

As you can see from the below pic, it's a work in progress and needs some more landscaping. The tree will go between the 2 pieces of driftwood and then I will be adding some more plants. Some hornwort or similar to the rear left and some low profile grass to the front right and maybe a little in the front left.

Older, but higher quality pic:

Crappy quality pic from today:

The tank now has 5 silver hatchets, 6 juliis, 1 oto, 1 assassin snail and the LFS just gave me 14 guppy fry for free, so we'll see how that turns out. I'm sure I'll lose several of them, but if they look nice I may keep them. Otherwise I'll let them grow and trade them in for some CTs.
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