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Originally Posted by Geniusdudekiran View Post
Both of your bonsai are so-called "mallsai", mass-produced at places for malls and for sale at people at intersections on their cars' roofs.

Unfortunately, mallsai generally tend to be unhealthy. I've never gotten one, as I couldn't bring myself to do so as a result of my purist aesthetic/borderline elitist attitude, but I hear that they're usually sold already half-dead, essentially. Because of this, they tend to turn away a lot of newbies because they think that if they can't care for a $10 tree, they surely shouldn't take the risk to invest in a real bonsai which would probably run them five to ten times that.

I'm just telling you guys this upfront so that you're not discouraged. Technically those are really pre-bonsai by most standards as they haven't got much shape or foliage to them, because they're thin branches cut from larger trees and rooted for a year before selling. Additionally, both of you guys seem to be keeping them indoors. Sure way to kill them. Trust me, I nearly killed my first tree by being stubborn and keeping it indoors, and if I'd killed it, I certainly wouldn't have put several hundred dollars into bonsai within a one year period from then!

Hopefully I haven't discouraged you guys too much. Let me know if you have any questions, and f you want links to some good bonsai places online, message me!
I figured...

Anyway, it's growing. I've been adding some npk weekly and have a lot of new growth. My watering routine seems to be working too.

After some quick research, I found the soil it's in to be completely wrong and really want to re-pot it. Since it's actually not totally unhealthy I'm apprehensive about doing so. I'd love to hear an opinion about the correct soil (not really soil I guess..) and proper way to go about re-potting it.

Edit - I just searched Mallsai, the bane of the bonsai community

I feel like tool

What would Honey Badger do?
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