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Thank you for the feedback. While I have good mechanical filtration through the sump it sounds like my flow through is sump is definitely lacking. I will take your advice and put in place more flow and more returns to get better distribution of flow in the tank. I will keep using my current pump for my cerges reactor and will look into getting a pond pump.

Kathyy, thank you greatly for the advice regarding putting the powerheads lower in the tank. For some reason this didn't even occur to me! I did a water change tonight and set up the large power head beside the overflow about halfway down the water column and like the results so far. I hid it behind a piece of driftwood so the flow disperses and doesn't affect the plants too much.

As stated the tank is relatively new at this time so each water change I try to do a better job of clearing out some of that new tank debris. I am slowly getting rid of the algae growth as I get my nutrients and co2 tuned in so that will help with keeping the water column clear.

Regarding feeding when using a sump - what is your best advice to avoid having uneaten food make its way down the overflow before fish are able to get to it? It is such a waste.
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