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Here is a post you should read and find how how much PAR lighting you have. Lighting an Aquarium with PAR instead of Watts

The t5 HO and t5 may have a PAR value on the box or you might be able to contact the manufacture to find out. The PAR value is based on distance from the lighting to the substrate.

Depending on your ligthing will determine how you need to dose fertilizer. Excel is a carbon suppliment, but I don't think it off gases like a Co2 injected tank so the bubbler you have can stay or may have to go if you end up having to do DIY co2 or what not.

Seachem Flourish Root tabs are used to suppliment root feeding plants. An example would be Crypts and Amazon Swords. Stem plants however would not benefit from root tabs because they get their nutrients from the water colum.

Also, if I just say screw it and pull out all of the artifical plants at once and go plant crazy and plant more, will that affect my biological bacteria? I do have a very large (15") arifical plant that is the "focal piece" of my tank right now. I want to obviously replace this with a large real plant of a similar size (my fake one is very bushy, and is about 6" diameter at the widest point) so my fishies have a very nice bush to hide in. What would you recommend that gets biggish that would work with my current parameters and chemicals?
I'm not sure what you mean here, how would adding more plants and removing fake ones affect your bacteria, if anything it will improve water quality. For focal point you may want to get an amazon sword, there are several kinds and usually fish stores have them. Ruffle/melon are some common ones.

a plant that looks like very long blades of grass, and another unknown plant that is a bunch of long stems with a long skinny triangle shape leaf with wavy edges on the end of each stem.
First plant you describe could be giant sag or some type of val, second sounds like anubias, wouldn't be sure but from what you described. That root on the second can be cut and spred like you did.
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