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Originally Posted by CuriousAmerican View Post
I do not see the need to go ADA.

You can get low-iron tanks, aesthetically pleasing for much less.

makes some reasonably nice low-iron glass.

ADA soil is good, but not so good that it is worth 4x the price.

I have never understood the necessity of an EHEIM on anythng under 20 gallons.

And lighting, while important on a planted tank, is not as centrally important as on a reef tank.

If you are putting that much money into a planted tank, then go reef.

Frankly, on a smaller tank ... some of the one in all sets are good.
Sure, you can go with no-name rimless tanks, but the reality remains that ADA had unrivaled quality and honestly, it's sometimes about the name. Why go with American Eagle or Aeropostale when you can get Polo or J Crew?

And about the reef statement... what relevance does that hold? The type of your tank has nothing to do with the price tag, that only has to do with the quality.

Some of us are, admittedly, elititists. We're obsessed with only getting the highest quality products we can. Although some of the kits are nice (one of my first tanks was an Ebi), they're simply not the best.

That's all there is to it. Preference. There's no need to try to convert an ADA snob to become a low tech budgeted aquarist (not that there's anything wrong with that, as that's how I and many other people started), and vice-versa.

Originally Posted by Green_Flash View Post
The only brand that comes close to ADA, is ELOS (look them up if you really want to seem some pricey stuff), so it isn't even possible to compare. Rimmed tanks are also a different matter, that is like a tube TV to a HD flat screen.

I like to reward the innovators.

What are you comparing to? You have substrate listed as $20, a 9L bag of Aquasoil is $30, you can use a 3L bag on a nano, only $14.
Sure most pay higher for shipping but not much.

What does that have to do with anything? Why can't freshwater enthusiast's enjoy quality innovative equipment too? Why is that limited to reefers? Why do they get all the cool new toys it seems ?

Maybe it is because alot of freshwater (American) hobbyist are stuck in the mentality to buy the cheapest thing that works.

You see, once someone has been in this hobby for sometime they no longer think of their tank as just a "fish tank" anymore, they don't mind spending the money for nice equipment, display size does not matter anymore in relation to amount spent. Well at least those who are serious about this do.


Like someone once said; "We are too poor to afford cheap things".
Agreed. Like the quote.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." -- Steve Jobs
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