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Well not much news, will have pics of my stand here soon since it is nearly complete. One of my Amanos is berries though, which I though was kind of cool. Got a decent pic of it on the lace. I know that it requires brackish water for the eggs to hatch and survive and so on, maybe I will try it in the future but I am leaving for a week this weekend and don't have time or any supplies at the moment. Also I think she molted too (is this common?). Also do any of you guys know how to tell when bamboo shrimp about about to molt? I think one of mine may have just done so too and think the other might be going to soon. He just looks a little different. Some pics for ya.

*The java fern got burned when i was cleaning my tank and dropped my water down low and left it there for too long. Got a little side tracked hahah

I may try to catch your fish if they are big enough
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