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Oh okay cool! I'll go check it out maybe Saturday.

Went by Petsmart on Siegen today and I gotta say, despite some of the dirty tanks, they had A MASSIVE CRAWFISH WHICH WAS SO COOL!!!!!! I'm not sure on the species, but the thing was a beast. His claws alone were about 4 inches each.

I asked the worker lady "How much you want for him?" and she said he wasn't for sale. I asked her about 3 more times throughout the course of the conversation and she was adamant about keeping him there. She said the manager really likes him, it's like their store mascot or something. I'm kind of considering going back when there is some younger looking kid working there, who may not know that the big guy is not for sale, on a really busy day and getting him to sell it to me. I know that would be kind of mean, but I WANT THAT CRAWFISH SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!

My finger for scale:

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