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Originally Posted by Geniusdudekiran View Post
Okay, if you want to go really low tech and throw aesthetics to the wind, then sure, it's easy. But the tanks that many of us would like to set up will easily run you three to four times this. It's a matter of preference.
I do not see the need to go ADA.

You can get low-iron tanks, aesthetically pleasing for much less.

makes some reasonably nice low-iron glass.

ADA soil is good, but not so good that it is worth 4x the price.

I have never understood the necessity of an EHEIM on anythng under 20 gallons.

And lighting, while important on a planted tank, is not as centrally important as on a reef tank.

If you are putting that much money into a planted tank, then go reef.

Frankly, on a smaller tank ... some of the one in all sets are good.
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