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I really appreciate your thorough response and it is very helpful, so thank you! The problem with cleaning each of the leaves manually is that it would take many hours (especially for the small leaved plants). I think I will try this method just to thoroughly reach all the leaves and try for a fresh start.

I do have flourish comprehensive, but when I dosed it I got a powder green algae outbreak. I figured the algae was consuming all the nutrients so I stopped. Should I start dosing again even though I have aquasoil?

So this is my plan, use this method tomorrow before the shrimp arrive to try and weaken this algae. I will then try and clean it out. I will also buy some otos and Amano Shrimp, (but no ramshorn because I read they rapidly multiply) to combat future algae.

Is there anything else you advice me to do? I don't want to harm my plants though, so will probably dose a lower amount of excel due to jungle vals. Will the h202 negatively effect any of my plants?
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