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Two issues I have with using a sump...

1) I find the overflow is unable to properly clear the water column of debris. I have 2 power heads going and wrapped them in filter floss in order to get a nice clear water column. This worked really well but the filter floss is visible and clogs up so would need to be changed regularly. Currently I am running only 1 return pump rated for 1000gph so is turning probably closer to 600gph at the moment through the sump.

2) Achieving good water circulation through the tank without blowing stem plants 45deg or making it look extremely unnatural for fish to maneover around the tank. The sight of powerheads is a sore one as well. I am shooting for heavily planted but how do people keep them concealed and without blowing plants over once the tank is heavily planted? Or should I be trying to get more flow through the sump instead and make use of a spray bar, multiple returns etc.?

Tank is 7feet long, 210 gallon.

I tend to think canister filters that pull from midway through the tank might be better but I want to make use of the sump since I have put a lot of time and effort into setting it up.

Got any suggestions for me?

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