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DarkCobra will this technique work on dark red/brown algae? (It doesn't look like the diatoms that I first had when tank was started, this tank has been running for 1.5 years) This algae is coating the leaves of my plants and it rubs off easily, but it is getting slimy with little specs of fuzz on some leaves. This algae only appears on my plants, none on the glass. I also get green powder algae on my glass that I clean time to time probably once a month (this doesn't get too bad).

I have a finnex fugeray 30" with a 29 gallon tank (so my lighting is lower medium)
-run this light 8 hours a day with DIY C02 that I started recently
-Substrate is aquasoil
-I dont dose any ferts
-I don't really have nitrate/nitrite numbers because I don't currently have a testing kit but I do 25% water changes once a week.

I just want to clean the tank and apply this method before I get my cherry shrimps this Friday. Thank you for your help and insight.
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