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If you've got experience yourself, it's a bit easier to cut thru all the nonsense to get to reasonably accurate information, but I can completely understand why so many novices (or long term fish owners who've never looked outside their own limited experience) aren't willing to accept outside advice--quite simply, so MUCH of the advice out there is contradictory that it all sounds suspect. After all, if Aunt Sally uses aquarium salt AND the guy at the fishstore said you need it AND you found a couple forum discussions of folks who've used it for 20 years without an issue--well, it just doesn't add up when you're told it's not useful and may even be harmful in a planted tank (Aunt Sally never had live plants, but you don't know yet why it matters).

That process isn't helped when the most fervent of commentators are too often themselves new converts--in their zeal they often over-reach, misunderstand, or--the part that especially exasperates many--misinterpret the situations they're commenting on.

Plenty of folks would look at my no-tech shrimp tank and feel the urge to take a shotgun full of rocksalt to my backside for being so negligent of their care. After all, it's an old thrift store vase sitting without heater, filter or airstone, the water appears to be quick dark and decidedly green and the sides and back are solid algae.

Horrible. Outrageous! Worse? They're hardly ever fed! The horror!
Quick, someone liberate those shrimp and feed me to the bears! Right?

Wrong. The weather here is temperate, the light is dappled by the tree outside the window, the vase is well planted and gets a 20% weekly wc, the dark green water is caused by tannins from the manzanita wood and the green by the light passing thru all that algae--which the shrimp happily graze upon like contented many legged cows. I'm four generations in on this vase with constant new hatchings.
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