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Originally Posted by Hobbes1911 View Post
Downoi, different mosses and fern sorts, glosso, blyxa, hydrocotyles, h. pinnatifida.

However, and I don't know anything about the budgetary matters involved in this, but I think if you guys would install one tank with high demand plants and provide them with good lighting, co2 and fertilization (yes i know ALGAE) that might make some of the plants more appealing. I was just at an LFS and the plant assortment was very good. However, all plants were either already dead or on their way out so, as much as I was actually looking for some of the ones they offered, I didn't buy any since mush plants are not appealing.

I think it's great that you guys are asking the consumer what we'd like to buy. I'd love to have a well stocked LFS locally so I don't have to ship. Also, if in any way possible get some desert gobies (C. eremius) .
yeah - one of the reasons I had us setup this way, is that I used to get so annoyed when we got a nice order of plants in and half melted in a week.
I'm a goby nut - working on getting some gudgeons and gobies into the rotation. Had a local source of C. eremius but just heard that he had a house fire (rumor is that there was a Stealth heater involved ).

Last time I ordered them they didn't sell to great, but gonna try again.
Just ordered an undescribed Brachygobius sp - hoping they will be freshwater but suspecting they will be brackish, in which case I'll probably take the whole order home and put them in a brackish tank there
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