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Originally Posted by Hobbes1911 View Post
That sounds very good and reasonable. I think quality can go a long way over a huge assortment though. And I have not been to your store so I definitely am not implying that you guys don't have spectacular plants, I'm just speaking from experience with other LFS.

What about other products? For example, I'm sure we all would love to be able to come to you guys for substrates (ADA (although I understand that miught be difficult), Azoo, FSS, etc.), nicer tanks (rimless etc.), eheim brand products (heaters and filters specifically). Again, I know nothing about budget and I understand that as much as we all have our dream LFS, you guys are a business.
Agreed - but lately, having the same quality plants for 2 months straight has led to people getting bored so I wanted to make sure I have some "destination" plants as well. And to be honest, water sprite trimmings from our show tank kinda took over our plant tanks for a while.

The store does a huge saltwater business, so as far as drygoods go, we tend to carry alot of the nicer products that work for both markets.
Eheim canisters, Deep Blue brand rimless tanks, etc. Our main "plant" substrate is eco-complete. Alot of other drygoods decisions are still being made - its only been about 9 months since we moved from Boston, and while we increased our "wet" square footage and added a showroom, the square footage for drygoods went down and is still being merchandised. We're constantly evaluating product lines, trying to pare down stuff we don't need or don't want so we have more for what we really want to carry.
We're also trying to focus on product lines we can get from dependable, responsive wholesalers who offer strong support -- we're kinda fed up with wholesalers or manufacturers who don't back their product or take months to send us orders.

Heaters - oy vey.
I don't think I've ever found a heater I really trust. At home I tend to replace them about every 12-18 months. At the store, I think I've tried (and eventually been shocked by ) every brand. Also had just about every brand fail (both "on" and "off").
(I think I have about 8 heaters hanging on a hook at home, to be used in my premix barrels for water changes)
Eheim/Jager heaters are currently special order heaters for us - they don't sell well enough at their pricepoint to take up shelf space, and we get better wholesale support of returned heaters from other brands - but we can get them pretty quickly for anybody who wants one.
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