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Thanks !!
Yes, this is Unique Aquaria in Woburn, MA

We have four "plant tanks" -- two 48" x 24"w x 16"h and two 48" x 24"w x 12"h -- running on moderately high to low/moderate lighting (IMO) -- from HO t5's to normal output t5's.
These are our primary plant tanks, and while they are holding some fish, the plan long term is to avoid keeping commonly sold "fast" fish in these tanks so that we don't disturb the plants when we catch the fish.
The plant tanks are running on a central sump and are getting basic ferts.
At present I'm not dosing C02 just because I suspect it would be quickly outgassed at the sump. I may add it later (we already have the equipment).

We also keep "loose" plants like hornwort, "guppy grass", java moss, and pellia in our "fish" tanks - as much for the fishes benefit as for sales.

If anybody has any plants they'd like to trade in for store credit, feel free to email us ( ) - we've found that many plants are horrible from wholesalers but great from local growers (you'd be amazed at the crap that wholesalers sell as java moss or bolbitis) -- most of our Vals (3 types), ferns, and moss are locally grown, as is all of our Pellia.
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