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What plants would you like to see in a LFS ?

I've been rearranging the plants in our "plant table tanks" (80g low wide tanks) and I think I have room now to bring in another nice plant order.
We generally carry a good assortment of "bread-and-butter" plants -- various crypts, bacopa, water sprite, dwarf lilies, swords, sag, val, and apons, along with various "potted" plants and of course anubias, java fern, java moss and pellia. I also try to bring in some "harder" plants - HC, etc

And I'm generally confidant matching the plants we carry with the skills, lighting, substrate etc of our customers -- we don't recommend high light plants that crave CO2 to customers who just bought a 10g kit from Wallyworld.

So - all that being said - I'm looking to see what plants make you go
"eeee! roadtrip !!!" .
Right now we're buying from a typical plant wholesaler, who source their plants from Florida Aquatic.
so this is a pretty good "master list" of what we can get:

( I know I can't get some of the rare plants that I see traded on the forums. Also, some of the plants are seasonal - for example I order red barclaya whenever it is available but its not available as often as I'd like)
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