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Originally Posted by Hvnzfire View Post
Here are a few I was thinking about. Fissidens spla, glossostigma elatinoides, and pellia.
Glossostigma - sold as "glosso" most of the time - needs quite alot of light. It is unlikely that a stock fixture will provide what it needs. Carpeting plants can be quite frustrating for beginners.

For (almost!) guaranteed success, try something like java fern, which you tie to a rock or piece of driftwood - don't bury the rhizome.

You can also try something like guppy grass (najas guadalupensis) which offers great cover for livebearer fry and it will live in low light to high light in any kind of condition.

Any variety of anubias should do well for you also. Same as java fern - don't bury the rhizome and consider tying it to a rock or driftwood.

I don't mean to sway you from what you have picked out - just wanted to offer you some alternatives that will allow you to have some success right from the start. Good luck!

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