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Jars update

Not sure why that picture is so brown? Anyway, there's been a population EXPLOSION among the snails in the larger jar. We got babies EVERYWHERE:

They are so tiny! Lord knows what I will do with them as they get bigger and infest the jar. Cull them I expect

As you can see we're developing a ton of nice algae but the java moss is growing very slowly indeed. Should I be removing the algae - is it stopping light getting to the moss?

Look at this little cutie taking a rest I love my spotty little snails

I've only had one real bid for freedom - found a dry little carcass beside the jar on day three - so I think they're all doing okay. As for the little jar, the single inhabitant is churning out so much poop there's practically a dirt substrate:

Otherwise not much to report as yet. I just bought a turkey-baster yesterday for water changes (tipping-out is a serious no-no with the gravel, and all my siphons are much too big). We'll see how it goes!

Thanks for all the comments and interest, this forum is awesome!
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