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I can kind of echo Hippocampus' remarks. The people in the fish department are not interested in customer service, so I have no idea whether they know fish or not. You have to seek them out and they're rather quick to get away, but are polite enough.

The only thing I have to say is that I'll still go back because the prices are good and they do have marine products which Petsmart doesn't carry. And honestly this place is still better than "The Aquarium Store". Their awful customer service makes Petco (which, as I mentioned, has pretty weak service) look like the shining beacon of service to which all fish stores should strive.

Right now, Petco is really the only good option in Baton Rouge. I guess since we have three Petsmart locations and a Petco, most of the LFS have died out. There were some good ones for freshwater even in just the last couple of years, but we may as well have none now (The Aquarium Store is pathetic).
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