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Originally Posted by Livebearer101
The plan looks excellent, the only word of caution i can give is that it may be hard keep the polysperma to such a small space as it grows and spreads like wildfire. Hope it goes well.
Thanx for that word of caution,i will be sure to heed your advice and avoid making that area too cramped. Don't want to let it overpower the whole aquascape.

Originally Posted by Betowess
That is a really interesting shaped tank. We don't see the likes of that often in the all rectangle USA. Is it two feet deep? Very sweet to 'scape if it is. I look forward to seeing your work on this tank. Your old intro tank pic looked very nice too, albeit a bit soft in focus. You probably have grown swords before and know how big they can get unless one root and top trims them. Good luck with the re-launch!
Thanks for your nice comments,you are right,this tank is indeed interestingly shaped. It was originally an arowana tank until i started aquascaping as a hobby about 5yrs ago.The tank was bought by my parents when i was away at camp,didn't have a chance to participate in the decision making then or i would have opted for the conventional rectangular shaped tank instead. The 2 added views of the tank make it really hard to scape in that area so as usual it will be a big challenge to me.
The tank is 1 1/2 feet deep and there were times when i really hoped that it was 2 feet deep. Nicer to see the pearling effect that way. I will try to get better focused shots of the tank as i progress along but it will be hard considering the type of camera i have.
As for growing swords,you are right that i have had my fair share of experiences with them. They can get really huge and in no time dominate the whole scape. Their growth rates are very fast too and another point to note is how they can send their roots in all directions so uprooting them would actually mean uprooting the entire substrate as well.
Once again,thanx for the well wishes,we shall all see how things progress along the way.
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