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Originally Posted by sNApple
post some closer pics
closer pics as in the old layout or the new? the old one is in a bad shape now,only 2days away from being torn down. It is currently suffering from a snail and algae outbreak but no harm letting you guys take a look at it,sorry for the poor photo goes nothing...

My Bolbitis badly overcomed with BBA

A picture of the old scape. The small dots you see in the picture are actually algae covering the glass. I have given up trying to battle them.

closer pics of the new set up will be coming in within the next few days,i do hope everything will go smoothly. It will be a waste if all the effort and money spent just goes down the drain.My apologies if the pictures do not turn out that well. The best camera i have at home is a Fujifilm Finepix A340

Originally Posted by fresh_newbie
we will be watching...I have a good feeling!
Thanx,i really appreciate that,now all i am hoping is that everything will fall into place nicely. I am not hoping to be as good as some of the others,afterall,this is my first actual journal and the most serious aquascaping project i am in. i have never really focused on issues like water parameters and lighting etc until i joined this forum so a many great thanks to everyone in this wonderful forum,i have learnt alot from all of you. now is the application stage. Wish me luck~!

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