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Originally Posted by johnson18 View Post
So I bought a bottle of Osmocote Plus and a bag of 00 size gel caps & made myself a whole bunch of root tabs!

I've got a few questions though! Any suggestion on how many to put into my 55 gallon that is mostly crypts, swords and dwarf sag. The substrate is a mix of flourite red and regular gravel. I don't have any co2. The tank is lit by a coralife 48" dual lamp t5ho(1-10k, 1-6700) sitting on the normal legs. I dose florish and excel when I remember/have it.

Next question! How quickly should I expect to see positive results from the use of the root tabs?

Last question!! How often is it suggested that new tabs be placed in the tank?

Thanks everyone!!!

I usually place them 2-3" apart. Sometimes even closer. I would place more in the center where light is more intense than the corners and replenish them every 3-4 mos.

I think immediate result depends on some factor like your CO2, dosing, lights, etc. In my tank, I usually see results within 2 weeks.
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