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Originally Posted by ChadRamsey View Post
tank background

FX5 with 5 foot spraybar
pressurized co2
IE dosing
45 cardinal tetras
12 amano shrimp

LOW plant mass. DHG, HC, Blyxa Jap, LOTS of fiss.

Tank has been up and running since November. I have had very little algae from day one. I bit of BGA, very little, Rhizo here and there, a ton of string algae and i was cleaning GSA off the glass every few days

About Christmas time i started getting the first of the BBA popping up. I increased my co2 and raised my light 3 inches so that they are now 36" above the substrate.

After a month and a half of manually removing and spot treating, it just wouldnt go away...

So i decide to try the 1-2 Punch.

I started with 2% H2O2. I noticed very little fissing initially.

3 days later:
No effect on the BBA, GSA, BGA, rhizo
weakening if the thread
NO effect the fish, shrimp, and plants

So the next WC days was Sunday. Exactly 7 days later i repeated the 1-2 punch with 3% H2O2

Initially there was alot of fizzing.

3 days later:
BBA- took a good hit. started to discolor

Lost a few cardinals and amanos.
HC took a pretty good hit. Alot of discoloration to the leaves.

BBA is taking over again
Rhizo is going back with vengence like its mad at me
BGA popping up again. 3x what i had before the 1-2 punch

I am not too sure whats wrong and were to start making corrections

What's your photo-period? What kind of lighting? I've found increasing CO2/ reducing light makes a difference, as does fine tuning EI depending on your plant mass instead of just on the size of the tank.
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