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RCS Breeding Help

Hey guys i need some advice on the RCS. Here is my story.

I purchased about some RCS late 2012 November. Since then there has been some crazy activities in the tank. Around December all my RCS died, but strangely there were baby shrimps swimming around the tank. I was very confused to the situation since if there was water problems the new born should of died too.

Now i have around 50 RCS at sexual maturity. I seem to not be able to breed them. They would saddle up but never get eggs. During the new year the RCS started saddling up. The male shrimps were swimming around like crazy and exhibiting mating behavior. But a week later the saddles were gone and no eggs. This cycle of saddle to no eggs has been the same for the past month. I was wondering if you have any theories on what I am doing wrong, or what i should be doing different.

I don't have a water test kit. I know this is important but as a student i am on a super low budget. But I do about 10% water change per week

I have a mix of gravel, aquarium safe garden soil, ada soil
temp at 80f

Lots i mean lots of crypts, java moss, Hc, ect

Light 9 hours per day - on a scheduled timer.

1x Small algae waffler per day

They show healthy behavior such as molting, excitement during feeding, and lots of exploring.

thanks .I greatly appreciate it.
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