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Y0uH0's 100 Gal <warning 56K>

Hey guys, recently i have decided to restart my 5ft planted tank,this thread will document the entire process,all comments are welcomed..enjoy=)

This is a shot of the tank prior to restart. notice how awkward the shape of the tank is,makes planting kinda challenging because there are 2 extra views of the tank.

A rough overview of the tank and it's components:

1)The tank is 5' X 2' X 1 1/2' containing approx 100gal of water

2)For filtration, i am using 2 x Eheim 2028 external filters of which the input of one of them is connected to a surface skimmer.

3)For aquarium cooling,i will be using a Teco TR15 aquarium chiller

4)CO2 system consists of a 5 litre pressurized canister,solenoid,bubble counter and a turbo jet reactor.

5)For lighting,the entire set up is homemade consisting of ballasts and i am currently running on 4 X 8000K tubes 1 X 9000K tube.(which i think may not be sufficient?)

6)For the new tank layout,i will be using ADA's amazonia soil as well as JBL's aqua basis plus for the base fertilizer.

More pictures will come along as i progress in my setting up. As of now,the tank will remain as it is. I will be tearing it down on the 15th as the plants that i had pre-ordered will be arriving on the 17th so in the mean time,there is no point in destroying the existing layout and giving my fishes unwanted stress.

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