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update on Fish stores along the coast

I am been plant hunting today to see which stores has a good selection.
Let start off with Wal-Mart on hwy. 49- not really the place to go fish shopping. Looking at fish and plant selection makes me want to boycott inside the store.
Pets Mart at crossroads shopping mall is of course the place to be. I usually window shop since some of the supply is high on the price. They do get unusual fishes if they got a large shipment in, along goes for the plants. The current plants have seen better days.
Crystal Reef on Pass road (above the airport) is a well organized stop. I wish they had a plant selection. Just like what GulfCoastAquarian mention on his post, he doesnít like talking.
Butlerís Pet Store on Pass road, Biloxi, is closed. I heard the store was bought buy a shingle company.
And last. The Pet Store (I believe thatís the name) its on pass road, its east of Butlerís Pet Store. The owner is Gerwin and his family ( They also are the owner of a paintball store). They have a website at Itís cool little pet store. They have a wide selection of FW, SW ,and other goodie. I bought some plants there today. I was talking to Gerwin and he was saying he is going to have big selection of plants coming in ( I made some suggestions.)
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