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Originally Posted by Hilde View Post
Yes truly a lovely pic from the beginning.
Your light looks very low. I am seeing some shadows. Have you thought of upgrading your light?

Cheapest light upgrade would be a T5HO hanging as Hyzer did for his 29G. Then there is the SolarMax T5 NO with which Jacob had over his 20G high. They can be bought at Pet Blvd.
I have one 15W 8000K full spectrum bulb. When I was dealing with diatoms and other crud, everyone told me to keep the light on 6-8 hours a day, so I reduced it down from 12. I think it's on from 2:30 - 10:30, so eight hours right now.

I don't want to upgrade my lighting at this point. I want to work with what I have and if that means covering my tank with anubias, so be it. They are the only plant that's done well in there! LOL
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