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Originally Posted by bluestems View Post

Woah... sorry that was so long! But, I hope it's somewhat helpful. Let me know if you want the book and I'll get it out to you.
You've been EXTREMELY helpful Sherry. I appreciate all the advice, time and effort you've put into helping me.

I *do* want low tech, low light... low maintenance. I never got into this for it to be complex or time-consuming. I wanted a simple tank, some plants and some fish. As it stands now, I've invested over $600 and I have a tank filled with crud, plants that don't thrive/survive and more conflicting information than I know what to do with. It is *the* source of my frustration.

While I love the look of the high-tech tanks, I don't want to put that kind of effort in.

My plans for right now? I'm just going to read and listen for the next few days. I have $50 of nutrients I bought that are still sitting on my kitchen table that I'm not wanting to deal with. It's just... too complex.
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