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We did some more work on the tank this weekend. Got (most) of the ferns attached to the wood. One piece came loose after we'd already refilled the tank so it's going to have to wait until next time. Rearranged the crypts some and added the new ones around the smaller rocks. Also stocked the tank as you can see if the photos. There are cardinals, black neon tetras, purple passion/rose danios, and panda cories.


Left side:

Right side:

You can see the riccia starting to grow on the rocks. It's poking up through the mesh. The new crypts from Petsmart are looking pretty sad. Very pale and lots of dead/slimy leaves I had to pull off, but the roots looked good for the most part. Hopefully they do okay.

Just bought a plant package off of the SnS today that included some c. retrospiralis so those will be going in the back when they get here. I'll probably leave it like that for awhile, but I would like to find a good deal on a bunch of anubias and add it to the wood and rocks. Also thinking about taking the fissidens off the wood and attaching it the rocks instead. Not loving it on the end of the wood like that.

Probably going to have to upgrade the lights soon. The two I have on there don't span the entire tank so there is a dark area in the center. The best option would probably be to get two more fixtures and have two on each side. The tank is pretty wide (is that the right dimension? from front to back... ) for just one. When the fish swim near the front glass it's pretty dark.

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Cool! Excited to see where this goes.
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good the rocks...
Thanks! I'm so used to the "instant gratification" of nano tanks that I have to remember this is a work in progress. Thanks for the reassurance!
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