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Just an update, both Cayes and World of Wet Pets seem to stock "Rainbow shrimp" caridina sp. "who knows what these are" for $3/per. WoWP is a pretty neat store, they have a remora, which is fun to look at but very sad to see swimming fiercely in it's (relative to the ocean) tiny tiny tank. Very busy when I went and a little disorganized but the prices were good and it wasn't a dead-fish holding tank like some of our PNW fish shops. No other (fw) shrimp at WoWP or Cayes that I've seen.

As of last Friday Wet Spot had just a HERD of Amanos in, looking very healthy. No CRS I could find, one or two male Tigers hanging out in the tiger tank (With the Amanos) and that one brown, scungy looking thing in the Rili/Blueberry shrimp and black hair algae tank they've carefully cultivated for the past six months.
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