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That sounds great Mistahoo! My general timeline is return from offshore on the 14th, ready for the GHAC meeting and collection trip on the 16th. I'll probably call and set up an appointment with the supervisor on Monday/Tuesday and we shall see what happens at that point onward. I'll bring up the tank at the GHAC meeting and see if anyone has anything to donate and once it gets firmed up, will order whatever is needed beyond what we currently have (which is a decent amount of hoarding, lol). The 2 largest issues are the light (the guy I order from is local and a dual T5 with 10,000K bulbs is only $50) and the filter (Have a few AC's sitting around we could use temporarily until I can get an Eheim 2211 or 2213) otherwise we could start it in no time. Even just doing a setup, filter, hardscape, and allowing it to begin cycling could be done during this 2 weeks in hopefully.

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