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Originally Posted by Jarek Strzechowski View Post
I've been reading that they are classified under "long arm shrimp" and that they can snatch smaller fish and mutilate them. I have a handful in my tank and worried about my smaller bottom skippers (pair of scarlet badis) I pulled out my largest ghostie (2in and berried) and sliced her up and fed her to my koi (hey they're meant as feeders too) but I'm worried about my 2 one inchers. They've walked over my pleco which got irritated but no harm yet. Just wondering if my concern is valid or what?
now, i am only speaking from limited experience here, so YMMV but..

i've had 4 (just recently became 3 ) of them in a planted tank for a little over 3 weeks now. they have been fantastic at cleaning up the tank, (although they definitally do not seem to eat as much algae or dead plant matter as my amanos) they have not even looked sideways at my dwarf puffer which is a little less than half an inch in size. he has inspected them on several occasions with basically no reaction from them.

again, just my limited experience, but given the behavior i have seen from them, i don't see them snapping at any but the tinyiest of fish, as others have mentioned.
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