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Wander's 10g renewal

I have had this 10g running for almost 2 years now. To date the only thing that will grow properly are the anubias species. After some thought, and renewed interest, I am in the process of bringing new life to the tank.

Over the winter I neglected water changes and maintenance resulting in algae growth. While I am ashamed of the current conditions, it is not beyond saving.

I am hoping you all can help me get this tank back on the right track.

10g all glass
HOB Aqueon Filter (Newly added)
1 bulb Flourescent Hood (need bulb suggestions).
Circulation pump.


Anubias Nana (started with 5 leaves and have fragged it twice since)
Anubias Hastifolia (I think)

2 Olive Nerites (lost 2 over winter)
1 Flame Tetra
2 Red Eye Tetras
Several hitchhiker snails

The Tetras have become very territorial and I would like to remove them. However, I have no where to put them.

I would like to add 2 amano shrimp, but I am afraid the tetras would quickly kill them off.

I need help from the community to get this tank back where it needs to be.

I am going to buy a new bulb today. Any lighting recommendations?
Also will be buying additional nerite snails.

Water changes are back to 20% once a week.

Please let me know your thoughts.
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