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Ok so this is how the story begins: Our science, biology teacher received 100 trout eggs from a local fish hatchery at the beginning of January, then she put the eggs in an aquarium, filter, airstone and a chiller and after about 3 weeks, they hatched. She was supposed to let the babies free on March 15, but she obviously had no idea what she was doing. Middle of February and the fish tank was really dirty and she never bothered to clean it. So, because of her not knowing how to take care of fish, the fish started dying one by one each day. Last week on Monday, I asked where the fish where and she said that they where dead. Let this be a lesson to all fish keepers, DON'T TAKE CARE OF FISH IF YOU DON'T KNOW HOW!!!!! (P.S, I would've bought some carbon, do a 90% water change, and wash the gravel.)
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