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Originally Posted by FisheriesOmen View Post
This is the problem right here. People don't understand that fish ARE NOT dogs, fish ARE NOT horses, and fish are most certainly NOT human beings. Don't compare two un-related animals to the same scenario.
Does not matter in my view.Dog,cat,horse,or tropical fishes.
If and when,, someone takes on the responsibility to care for the afore mentioned,then they should do right by the creature.
Recall many post's where folk's gass their fishes with CO2,keep unsuitable fishes with other fishes requiring completely different water chemistry, different aggression level's,keep fishes in tiny glass boxes ,bowl's , feed fishes improper diet's,poor maint,etc,etc,.
Is almost humorous to see,/hear how defensive they become when told they aren't doing the fishes that have no say,,,any favor's.
I take particular exception to those who keep Betta's in wholly unsuitable enviornment's for their long term health,, but yet profess their love for these fish, which they often give cute little names to and many of their post's are punctuated with a long RIP list of the fishes that have died under their care.
Recall a popular Discus forum,where great pain's are taken to provide near sterile enviornment for the Discus,excellent food's,maint, but these same folk's think nothing of subjecting other fishes to temperatures unsuited for their long term survival and place them in near oven like temp's without a thought and become quite defensive when informed that they aren't doing the fish any favor's.
I personally have broken car window's on two occasion's,,Once to provide relief for a child ,the other for a dog.These folk's too,, became defensive.
Go figure.
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